eVenture Capital Partners invests in Mapia.ua

Vivex Invest has announced the sale of a part of “MAPIA” company to the international fund eVenture Capital Partners.
On July 16, 2009 the fund eVenture Capital Partners acquired an interest in the Charter capital of Mapia.ua, thereby the investors valued the project at the total of 2,5 million USD.

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Vivex Investment and eVenture Capital Partners cooperation

Vivex Investment and eVenture Capital Partners, venture capital funds operating on the Central and Eastern Europe markets, have signed a long-term investment cooperation agreement. The agreement stipulates among others common investment on the Internet market and exchange of know-how.

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About us

Vivex capital group consists of Polish Vivex Investment LLC and Ukrainian Vivex Invest LLC, which owns Global Projects.

Vivex Investment LLC was founded in 2007 as a sister company of Ukrainian Vivex Invest. The founder of both companies is Adam Wojacki – manager with a several-years-experience in IT and telecommunications on the Polish and Ukrainian market.
Vivex Investment business activities are focused on IT, Internet, new technologies taking into account the fast growing economies of Poland and Ukraine. Experienced management and physical presence of the company on both markets guarantees effective execution and coordination of investment projects.
Our main goal is to develop interesting investment projects and to help companies that want to start their activities in Ukraine. Market insight in both countries and the possibility to quickly gather information allows us to effectively realize projects of all sizes.
Vivex capital group now has a team of almost 50 people.
Vivex Invest LLC is a Kiev based company with a similar scope of business interest as Vivex Investment. Vivex Invest staff are experienced managers and analysts dealing mainly with IT and Internet. What’s more Vivex Invest has projects in the fields of new technologies, payments, distribution systems and media.
Vivex Invest owns Global Projects – company concentrated strictly on the Internet activities. Global Projects has experience in implementation of projects in Ukraine.